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Samsung analog rotary head improved with Ethernet interface

Special task devices and existing device modifications

There it is - our passion: Constructing and improvement of electronic and electromechanical devices. The roots of our business goes back more than twenty years ago when, in 1989, Dariusz Dowgiert (company owner) took the creation and modifivation of first products.

In 2000 a first prototype of PTZ camera was created. And so it began.

Today we offer several different versions of PTZ cameras and other devices. We also realize a number of orders for special electronic devices and other applications. The specifics of our business means also the ability to fulfill number of special orders by modifications of our standard devices or even equipment from other manufacturers.

Mechanical improvements

Most device modifications includes mechanical adjusts to the workplace.

In many cases some device fits perfectly to a job, but working conditions preclude its use. Moving elements nearby, vandalism or just odd place of assembly are able to eliminate very suitable devices from a project.

We can help you with such a problems. Our team of experences mechanics can develop the universal mounting, protective case or any other kind of adjustments for every equipment in all conditions.


Working conditions resistance

Most devices are manufactured for use in standard conditions. But sometimes in the workplace occurs temperatures well below freezing point, water splashes, vibrations or exposure to excessive heat.

In that cases you can use our experience in manufacturing equipment resistant to these threats. Our main product, long range cameras, offers resistance class IP67 even in standard models. Mobile implementations are designed to meet even IP69K standard.


Functionality modifications

Sometimes it appears that there are many devices suitable for a task. However, after closer examination, it turns out that each of the standard solutions miss something.

With our help you can modify such a device adding a missing or useful funcionality.

We can apply wide range of modification such as: increasing the bearing capacity of head, change camera module used in the system or add another communication protocol. All this and much more can be designed and manufactured with our help


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