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Since 2003, our company is devoted to a protection and fire-protection monitoring of forest areas. Passion, experience and modern technologies allow us to provide high-quality long-range camera systems.

Our resources allows us to design and execute unique electronic devices. We can design, test and manufacture small series of equipment designed to meet your individual needs.


Why us?

Brand DDTRONIK is rather unknown in the world. Why should you buy our products rather than the ones from other, proven brands? Theoretically, our products have similiar specifications and price But what makes our products better than others?

There are few from many reasons:

  • Focus on consumers trust and satisfaction.

    We do not run the marketing department. In contact with customer we focus on open and fair presentation of our products. Instead, of (frequent in "Chinese" products) slant specifications just to increase sales, we provide you the data only after testing of real components.
  • Our company consists of constructing enthusiasts.

    That allows us to pay attention to details that elude event the best specialisty "which simply perform their job". As a result, we can take on the most difficult issues where others lack for ideas of implementation.
  • We base our equipment on the products of established brands.

    Our devices uses modules of world-class manufacturers such as Sony, Axis and Harmonic Drive. This provides well quality but we still always analyze the entire structure and its components. This allows us to further improve performance or add custom functionality.
  • Our success at forest fire observation market, shows the results of our work.

    Since beginning of our business, we were able to take nearly 50% of the fire observation market in Poland. We did this in spite of the existing monopoly and endured as lider despite of new competitors. All that thanks to the uncompromising attitude at products quality and listening to our customer needs.
  • Product customization and flexibility.

    Our devices are manufactured in small batches. This means that we can customize not only big batch, but even individual devices can be customized to specific customer requirments. We do not have a problem with new protocol implementing, specification change or encasing our device in specific casing.

Would you like to get exactly what you ordered? Equipment, which has the same specification both on paper and in real tests? We can help you with this!

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