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Prototyping and low-volume production

Our company specializes in low-volume or even individual produtcion. With our good knowledge at many fields such as optics, electronics and mechanics, we are able to realize almost any idea for a device or mechanism. 

We can realize wide range of orders. From just ideas coming true up to manufactirung already complete projects. We offer also help in improving existing projects and devices.

Highest standards of security

Caption at the picture: "Here was a lack of good protection"

Many of our devices works on observation towers. In such places there is real risk of exposing not only to surges, but even on a direct lighting hits.

That provided us with great practical experience  with surge protecting and designing a systems in hazardrous areas. Combining this with our wide knowledge, we can design a device that even after a direct hit by lighting do not require expensive repairs.


Strict standards of realization

Using the highest quality components and fine-tuned test procedures, we can manufacture devices that meet most of the current standards.

If it is necessary, our equipment can even exceed the requirments of standards or even the sensitivity of laboratory measuring instruments. Durign EMC test we sometimes hear a command to turn on our device, despite of fact that it was already running ;-)


Outsourcing and OEM products

In addittion to our own production, we also offer service of manufacturing equipment without marking it with our brand.

We realize orders both on the basis of submitted designs, as well as in the full range: from concept to finished appliances. Partial executions are also possible. We can assembly only specific electronic or complete and commision equipment (cabinets, auxiliary systems).

If you have any questions, don't bother to contact us:

Projecting devices

Many years of experience in engineering and an interdiciplinary team, alow us to develop the optimal solution for almost every problem. 

Our skills can be particularly useful for you in the case of devices which combines optics, electronics and mechanics. We specialize in special versions of camera kits and other equipment based on the use of nuances in optical and electrical phenomena.

The range of projects:

  • analog and digital electronics
  • automatic systems
  • fine mechanics
  • design and interface
  • optimization of existing projects (raw and based on user experience)

Example project subjects:

  • rotary PTZ heads (monitoring, astronomy, industry)
  • cameras
  • signal and protocol converters
  • controllers and automation systems
  • I/O interfaces
  • gadgets and small electronics

Feel free to contact us even if you have only an idea.
Initial valuations are free of charge and we offer our help also at the concept stage.

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