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Long-range cameras

The main scope of our business - remote-controlled PTZ heads equipped with high quality lenses and cameras.

First camera under brand "DDTRONIK" left our workshop in year 2003. Thanks to years of testing and enhancements implementing, our products are of high quality and perfect adaptation to the needs. A special feature of our cameras is its size, weight and power consumption. This parameters are highly optimized and allow for use of our systems in wide range of variety places where other cameras does not meet the challenge.

DDTRONIK camera systems uses highest qualitiy components like Axis cameras or Harmonic Drive drives. It quarantees maximum durability and reliability. Designed and practical durability of mechanics in our cameras exceeds 10 years, which enables an inexpensive upgrade of their equipment. To take advantage of the latest technical advance there is no more need to replace the entire head.

Automatic smoke detection

Our cameras provide wide variety of image standards, including non-compressed analog video. Thanks to that and highest quality components, our cameras can cooperate with any existing automatic system designated to smoke detection or other image analysis.

We can further modify our systems to fit best with your solution. Our cameras offer two-side comunication, hardware control of image parameter and more. Ask about more.

Example of smoke detection program - Argos

Basic models

Even basic models of our cameras offer highest quality.

Our devices are equipped with a high-quality image sensors and our own, unique solutions to support observation over long distances.

Camera systems are available both in standard and mobile versions for cars, boats or even a planes. Together with uncompressed image output it allows for effective work in a high-sensitivity image analysis systems and ensures smooth cooperation with other systems used on such vehicles.


"GOLD" series - best of the best

Highest quality of optics, precise mechanics and durable, fine-tuned details. These are the main features of our "Gold' camera series.

And as the picture is worth a thousand words ...


IP cameras

Our IP cameras provide flexibility in design and work with CCTV systems. 

TCP/IP standard provides great customization capabilities. Thanks to our tuning and customization, poor connection, additional safety requirments or integration of multiple camera systems are no longer a problems.

Thanks to our IP cameras, we could provide observation in places without a permanent connection to the Internet or completely severed. Even without power supply connection.


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