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Common features of all DDTRONIK cameras

One of our major products are cameras for forest observation.These devices are designed to use without efficient power supply and efficient Ethernet connections. Good example of such objects are observation towers in forest area.

The main advantage of our PTZ heads is a significant reduction in weight and power consumption compared to similar devices. Our cameras can efficiently operate with alternative power (solar panels, wind turbines) or poor connections (GSM, radio-modem, etc.).

Basic features:

  • optimization for working with large close-ups
  • support of various motion detection and video analysis applications
  • two-side communication for the control and visualization systems (PTZFI, status, etc.) 
  • protocols: DDTRONIK, Pelco-D, ModbusRTU, Visca, universal (AI mode) 
  • lower power consumption and weight compared to similar solutions
  • external conditions resistance (IP67 and more)

Thanks to small batch production we can adapt our PTZ cameras to work in nearly any environment and in many industries: 

  • vast areas observation - military and mountain ranges, forests, stockyards 
  • transportation - roads, airports, rivers
  • sports - stadiums, shooting ranges, marathons
  • entertainment - viewpoints, hotels, residences, castles, yachts, jeeps 
  • technology - industry, medicine, astronomy
  • industry and agriculture - pastures, plantations, orchards, construction sites


Even basic models of our cameras offers highest quality and conveninet observation in range of 15 to even 20 kilometers.

"Standard" camera series feature real parameter in line with the polish National Forest fire protection instructions. They are equipped with uncompressed or IP video output so they can be used in all types of systems.

Our cameras suport wide variety of protocols, including our own proprietary protocol which contains additional instructions and functionalities useful in long range observation.



Camera series with increased performance. PTZ heads belonging to this group offers better mechanical parameters, higher accuracy of positioning and/or enlarged scope of movement. High quality optics and image enhancement systems helps to ensure a range of 20 kilometers even in non-optimal conditions.

Devices of this class can also be equipped with double display video output. This allows them to work in high quality smoke detection systems while also offering the flexibility reserved for IP cameras.


Seria "GOLD"

The highest quality designs for demanding clients.

These devices are designed to areas demanding best possible specification. For example forest areas of highest risk and a limited number of observation points. Best commercially availble optic and precise mechanism allows you to maintain a proper lookout from 30 kilometers or even further in favorable conditions.

These cameras provide best image, great for use as attraction in viewpoints or to record some beautiful videos.


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